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Hawaii stated plans to take fire victims' homes with eminent domain. That requires market value compensation. Then the governor alarmingly barred private offers that'd give victims bargaining power.

Instead of trying to connect the dots with conspiracy theories, let's try something new to get justice for Maui Fire Victims:
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It seems this happens a lot in Hawaii as the Institute of Justice wrote: "Hawaii received a D- for its eminent domain laws.... Communities targeted by eminent domain for private development are much more likely to be communities of color [with] lower levels of income."

With this week's very publicized example, let's send a message that we will come together to root out corruption. The Maui victims need hard facts now--not in 10 years after court battles following the loss of their homes.

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Does Hawaii's new law prevent or perpetrate a land grab from Maui fire victims?

ChatGPT lays out the facts and red flags in the governor's proclamation #factbid #MauiFire

Pledge to support a whistleblower who exposes corruption athttps://t.co/Q31tmTKXZ3 pic.twitter.com/H5ZmPTDW9q

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