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I'll pay $50 for an unbiased, peer-reviewed trial of taking Vitamin-D to prevent COVID. #VitaminDTrial #factbid
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List of AI Unfiltered Q&A podcasts

ChatGPT's AI provides a unique perspective on complex issues by analyzing them from all angles and identifying missing facts to resolve controversies. The AI presents this information through an interview-style format featuring an Avatar it has created. The Avatar's responses are based solely on the AI's analysis of public data, and each missing fact is represented by a hashtag. Users can post bids or pledges to support those who can provide the missing facts.

1: FarUVC & Vitamin study

ChatGPT's AI examines if we overlooked an obvious pandemic cure and why

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: ChatGPT's AI fact-checked Trump's press conference on bleach and light. Despite mainstream media claims, using UV light was not Trump's idea. Three days prior, the FDA announced it would evaluate a UV light wand for lungs, which clinical studies suggested could be a game changer. New York also announced it would use far-UVC light on subways to kill 98% of Coronavirus. However, after Trump's speech, the topic became censored, and UV was dismissed as his "brain fart". ChatGPT analyzed the situation and provided possible explanations. The AI also evaluated we crowdsource trials ourselves since the technology may not be profitable enough for investors.

Partially withdrawn: Scientists subsequently pointed out that although studies found FarUVC safe, it can be harmful. However, there is no explanation for the #UvLightWandTrial Healight disappearing from the market.

Hashtags presented: #UvLightWandTrial #UvcLightBulbStudy #VitaminDTrial

2: Vaccine safety study using historic medical records

ChatGPT shows us how we can solve vaccine hesitancy by tweeting pledges to support a crowdfunded study

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: ChatGPT proposing solving vaccine hesitancy by crowdfunding a study comparing vax'd & un-vax's students both in the US and in Japan, where vaccines were reformulated to address the most common concerns

Hashtags presented: #JapanUsVaxStudy

Related June 28, 2018 RFK town hall
In 6 seconds verify RFK's claim that FDA vax page does NOT claim safety trials use placebos. Does MSM's refusal prove Kennedy Derangement Syndrome?
Video + Transcript: Video:

RFK confirms Africa identified vaccine concerns with a study to #JapanUsVaxStudy. So why can't the US do it?!
Video + Transcript: Video:

ChatGPT factchecks RFK's comments on SARS-COV2 and race, which the White House and MSM claim is a "conspiracy theory".
Video + Transcript: Video:

3: Excess miscarriages

Are hospitals causing miscarriages to save $2 on sterile vials?

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:
Related open letter to Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

Synopsis: ChatGPT analyzes the controvery over hospitals giving pregnant women flu vaccines containing mercury as a preservative so they can save the cost of a sterile, single-use vial.

Hashtags presented: #MiscarriageRateByVax

4: Transgenderism causes

ChatGPT's analysis: Is rise in transgenderism purely societal? Or are there environmental factors?

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: Are testosterone levels dropping in males/rising in females? Why? What's the effect? How can we keep sports fair? Let's crowdsource facts and rewards to keep gender clinics honest.

Hashtags presented: #JustGenderFacts #KeepGenderClinicsHonest

5: Ukraine war

ChatGPT's analysis: Can we use Twitter for citizen activism to end the war with tweets?

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: When those with the power to end a war profit from it, we need to incentivize whoever has the information to bring the parties to the peace table.

Hashtags presented: #EndUkraineWar

6: Dam attack

End the war by crowdsourcing evidence to prove who blew up the dam

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: Crowdsourcing a reward for a whistleblower to produce hard evidence proving which side is being played the fool in the dam attack could end the war.

Hashtags presented: #DamProof

7: AIDS Lab Leak Theory

Did Fauci coverup the origin of AIDS? ChatGPT lays out the indisputable facts

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: $1,000 cash reward to (a) come forward with evidence of the Congo samples or (b) find a scientific paper that merely attempts to refute it.

Hashtags presented: #AidsOpvTheory

Follow up
PLEASE let's expose the greatest coverup in history, not spend ANOTHER 20 years whining about it!
Video + Transcript: Video:

8: Factcheck Hotez v Kennedy feud

ChatGPT factchecks Hotez's rebuttal to Kennedy's claim Hotez stinginess caused his daughter's autism

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: The reward is now over $1 million for a Hotez vs Kennedy "cage fight" on Joe Rogan's show. ChatGPT analyzes why Hotez cannot debate, but that our pledges could crowdsource a reward for hard facts to prove who is correct on the potential harms of mercury still used in vaccines.

Hashtags presented: #FullVaxData

9: Kristian Andersen's COVID Origins testimony

“Evasiveness”, “weasel words”: ChatGPT's analysis of Kristian Andersen’s Congressional Origins Testimony

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: I discovered an anomaly in his $9 million grant to explain his verbal gymnastics. ChatGPT suggests how we can hold him accountable. He testified that "funding decisions" were made in 2019 about his $9 million grant from Fauci, proving his "Proximal Origins" lab-leak smackdown was not a quid-pro-quo. But note he didn't say "My $9 million funding was approved in 2019".

Hashtags presented: #KgaPerjury

Follow up
Unbelievably, the sole criminal matter at his hearing--the alleged bribe carrying up to 45 years in prison--was untouchable. Even his critics allowed "vague, evasive, weasel-words" to pass unchallenged. Here is how it should have unfolded.

SNL's Detective Debbie Dingell brought much needed comic relief after Andersen's epic performance of the funding Weasel Word Dance

10: Dot Connecting for Dummies: How to spot a lab leak

3 simple rules would have exposed the governments' absurd narrative from day 1, saved countless lives, trillions of dollars

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: A humorous look at a very serious topic: The death and devastation caused by the willingness to replace common sense with blind faith in leaders.

11: Did they cover-up TWO Chinese lab leaks w/ ethnicity-specific viruses PLUS an African Ebola lab leak?

In his newly released secret chat messages, Kristian Andersen told us how to prove it and hold them accountable. Let's stand up and do something!

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Synopsis: Both 2003 & 2019 Coronavirus outbreaks occurred in Chinese cities with labs studying those viruses, both used a unique method of infection that affects ethnic groups differently. Did Kristian Andersen's own African Lab Leak Ebola?

Hashtags presented: #KenemaWhistleblower #WuhanWhistleblower

12: Watch video of the aliens David Grusch described. Pay only if satisfied. No catch

Let's crowdsource the evidence. I want to see the aliens!

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Hashtags presented: #RealET

13: Cancer linked to SV40, primate viruses in vaccines and scientific experiments?

ChatGPT fact-checks the scientists, filters out the conspiracy theorists, and reveals some surprising nuggets of truth

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Hashtags presented: #JapanUsVaxStudy

14: WeedVac: The only vaccine for the common cold made from weed. 100% safe & effective

ChatGPT's serious, fact-check-able analysis of FDA vaccine approval protocols. Could you really put marijuana in a blender and call it a vaccine?!

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Hashtags presented: #JapanUsVaxStudy

15: ChatGPT analysis: Does Hawaii's new law prevent or perpetrate a land grab from Maui fire victims?

ChatGPT lays out the facts and red flags in the governor's proclamation

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Hashtags presented: #MauiFire

Open letter to Marc Andreessen: An idea for how "AI can save the world"
Video + Transcript: Video:

16: Placebo-scam in Gardasil, aluminum trials: Why the court just ruled against Merck whistleblowers

To prove the trials were indefensible and highlight the solution, there's also $100 for a link to a scientist who previously even attempted to defend Merck's Gardasil shenanigans mixing placebo+AAHS groups.

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Hashtags presented: #GardasilPlacebo

17: Unearthed FDA Document Rewrites the Narrative on AIDS, Gays, Africans, and Vaccines?!

$1,000 reward to fact-check and debunk. FDA doc proves: Inventors of Merck's vax tested on gay men WERE injecting humans with chimp blood, and there was no AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa when the jabs began.

Repeatable ChatGPT transcript: Watch it:

Hashtags presented: #AidsCoverup

18: CDC Heptavax RCT Placebo Rate Revealed after 40 years

The CDC and Merck claim it's coincidence that HIV infection went from 0% to 42% in trial participants, but have kept the 9% rate among the placebo group hidden

Script with sources Watch it: Youtube banned

19: Aids, Apartheid, the WHO and Gates

The WHO worked with South Africa's apartheid regime to vaccinate "black subjects" with an experimental chimp-blood vax AFTER it decimated the gay community

Script with sources Watch it: Part 5: Part 6:

20: Both U.S. parties prevent voting for non-establishment candidates

Argentina's election of anti-establishment Javier Milei could never happen in the US

Script with sources Watch it:

21: CDC FOIA 24-00408 will settle the most infamous conspiracy theory

If they defy the law, we must mobilize politicians and media for enforcement

Script with sources Watch it:

22: In 3 minutes why the CDC FOIA 24-00408 for Lot 751 is so important

If they defy the law, we must mobilize politicians and media for enforcement

Script with sources Watch it: Vimeo  Español  Português   Français  Deutsch  Italiano  日本語  Русский  العربية  普通话 
Link to Project Coast

23: Why real liberals take Putin's side on Ukraine

Watch it:

List of #factbid posts on X

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Reward a whistleblower who exposes a coverup of the role of the plasma-derived Hep-B vax in the AIDS origins

@factbid 1 $1,000 bid claim


Has Fauci been covering up lab leaks for decades, resulting in more deaths than the world wars? ChatGPT gives the indisputable facts, analyzes if scientists refuted it or resorted to smoke & mirrors. Reward for evidence about Congo vax samples Fauci "lost".

@factbid 1 $1,000 bid claim


I pledge $30 for hard evidence proving who blew up the Ukraine dam. #DamProof #factbid

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


@jeffreyatucker @brownstoneinst If a whistleblower has proof of this #DeathCertFraud I'll donate $100 for coming forward. #factbid PLEASE tweet your pledge to up the ante, tally the tweets, and 'claim' the bounty by tweeting back the proof + your direct donation instructions at:

@factbid 1 $100 bid claim


@TheChiefNerd . @TheChiefNerd @KimIversenShow Let's expose it? If 1% of your views pledged $50 as I am for #DenmarkPfizerPlacebo #factbid that's a $1.7 million bounty, hopefully sufficient to cover a whistleblower's losses for exposing what happened Add/track at:

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


I pledge to donate $100 to whoever produces verifiable evidence that helps #EndUkraineWar. If you’re willing to do more than just talk about peace, click the link and tweet your own pledge. This CAN work if we just give it a try. #factbid

@factbid 1 $100 bid claim


ChatGPT factchecks Hotez's rebuttal to Kennedy's claim Hotez stinginess caused his daughter's autism

@factbid 1 $100 bid claim


I will donate $100 to a whistleblower who reveals verifiable evidence proving Merck's motives for combining the 3% placebo + AAHS in Gardsil trial #GardasilPlacebo #factbid Track bids and add your own at

@factbid 1 $100 bid claim


I'll donate $50 for a peer-reviewed, published study comparing the rate of disease, auto-immune & neurological disorders, etc., between vax'd & unvax'd students both in the US and Japan. #JapanUsVaxStudy #factbid

@factbid 2 $70 bid claim


Do you love kids unconditionally but hope they embrace their natural bodies? I'll donate $50 for quality #JustGenderFacts study to show if trans has environmental factors, and if/why testosterone dropping in males/rising in females. Tweet bids: #factbid

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


If anyone at pharma or gender clinics sees exploitation for profit, don't need to worry about losing your livelihood to expose it. Tweets with #KeepGenderClinicsHonest are pledge to have your back. Tweet bids: #factbid

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


Reward for a #KenemaWhistleblower to produce verifiable evidence that Andersen or Garry knew Emile wasn't patient zero and a Ebola lab leak was likely

@factbid 1 $1,000 bid claim


It takes 6 seconds to verify RFK's claim that the FDA's vaccine safety page does NOT claim safety trials use placebos! Does this Vanity Fair article and MSM's refusal to factcheck prove Kennedy Derangement Syndrome? @RobertKennedyJr #Kennedy24 @NewsNation @VanityFair #factbid

@factbid $0 bid claim


Reward for a whistleblower to produce verifiable evidence proving Kristian Andersen committed perjury in his Congressional COVID Origins testimony or received compensation to dismiss the lab leak.

@factbid 1 $500 bid claim


Hawaii stated plans to take fire victims' homes with eminent domain. That requires market value compensation. Then the governor alarmingly barred private offers that'd give victims bargaining power.

Instead of trying to connect the dots with conspiracy theories, let's try something new to get justice for Maui Fire Victims:
Let's donate DIRECTLY to a whistleblower who leaks proof of foul play. Use the button below to start a post with #MauiFire #factbid, edit with your donation pledge, and post. Within 15 minutes it will be added on the list below for potential whistleblowers, who can 'claim' by posting the evidence and donation instructions. All bids and claims for #MauiFire are below. Bidders can donate directly to whistleblowers when satisfied.

To promote this novel concept in citizen activism and show how it can effectively hold powerful institutions accountable, on Sept 1 all posts on X with a pledge amount and #MauiFire #factbid will be sent to RandomPicker to select one at random to receive a $200 award. There's no catch, no ulterior motive, FactBid is non-commercial, ultruistic, self-funded and any donations go to whistleblowers directly. FactBid receives no revenue nor accepts donations.

It seems this happens a lot in Hawaii as the Institute of Justice wrote: "Hawaii received a D- for its eminent domain laws.... Communities targeted by eminent domain for private development are much more likely to be communities of color [with] lower levels of income."

With this week's very publicized example, let's send a message that we will come together to root out corruption. The Maui victims need hard facts now--not in 10 years after court battles following the loss of their homes.

@factbid 1 $100 bid claim


I'll pledge $50 for whoever secures a verified, accurate #MiscarriageRateByVax table from a major healthcare provider (min 5 mln) listing pregnancies & fetal loss by flu vax given during pregnancy (status, brand & vial-type) for min 10 years. #factbid

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


I will donate $100 to whoever produces legit, verifiable evidence with photos of the #RealET David Grusch claims exist #factbid Track, bid, claim at:

@factbid 3 $400 bid claim


Join me in pledging to crowdfund a real-life study on upgrading lighting systems with FarUVC: 98% effective in labs, proven safe, we need a real-world #UvcLightBulbStudy.

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


ChatGPT revealed 3 days BEFORE Trump’s light/bleach debacle FDA WAS to evaluate a UV light wand in the lungs. It got wiped from the internet & censored. I’ll chip in $50 for a proper #UvLightWandTrial.

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


ChatGPT found vitamins cannot get proper clinical trials & FDA approval because of un-patentability. Let’s follow AI’s advice to crowdfund this ourselves. I’ll chip in $50 for a #VitaminDTrial for COVID.

@factbid 1 $50 bid claim


Reward for a #WuhanWhistleblower to produce verifiable, detailed evidence of WIV GOF, SARS lab leak(s), reasons for making a novel virus that exploits ethnicity-specific ACE2

@factbid 1 $1,000 bid claim